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"Red IT-MUON", a Dan Pero Manescu "Quantum Art" painting, acrylic & wax oil on canvas

"THE BLOW"- the New Book of Changes, or the Three Matters of Dan Pero Manescu's Philosophy and "The Lego Way"

First Matter of Dan Pero Manescu's Philosophy

Basically, we could start writing about Dan Pero Manescu's philosophy with the help of this matter:

"Since all the AEONS was the BLOW, and the BLOW was PARTICULA, and PARTICULA is just the BLOW".

The name "Particula" is Manescu's generally name for all the Elementary Particles, the first subject of the Quantum-Physics.This subject we can find to Manescu's "Quantum Art" paintings and his book in working "The Blow": The particles are moving to the infinity of time, and these movements are the Generator of everything and anything to the infinity dimensiones of the eternity. At the famous CERN, Genève, Swiss, the people are already talking about the "GOD PARTICLE" and other new "things":

Could seem to be a little bit unorthodox, but Dan Pero Manescu is not a friend of the "Big Bang Theory", and he has some problems with the Relativity Theory too. In the book, you shall learn about his own position regarding these two "famous" theories. Acording to Dan Pero Manescu opinion, the truth is always "somewhere and nowhere" (, and to find it, that's just the great art! And now let's see what for a relationship there is between "God" and the Elementary Particles. More about this subject you'll learn in Manescu's book "The Blow", but as any book in working is this book in the process of the "Creation" for the next couple of years. Anyway, regarding the relationship between "GOD" and the Elementary Particles (PARTICULA), we are considering as a new kind of metaphor Dan Pero Manescu's metaphysical FORMULA: D=bp5 (D=God / Deus, b=Blow, p= Particula, and "5" it's still a secret! Never forget that Dan Pero Manescu is not only an artist, but also a quantum - physicist, working very private in this field). Are you already feeling the touch of the Creation of the Matter and the Energies' tingle? It's just simple, we are seeing this Formula only as a matter of "Deep Inside" and an Intuition Synthesis, and because of this Intuition Synthesis, has Dan Pero Manescu a New Name for God, the pure energetical God, CASCADE-MIN-RA-MUON, and that's pretty well to see this God only as a metaphor, because, concerning the world religions, Dan Pero Manescu is watching very carefully the new world generation, and despite of, still, some "convulsions" of today, and the opinion of some sociologists, and other "soi-disant" experts of futurology, etc. (the problem, with all these "experts", Prof., Dr., Dr.Dr., etc., it's only one: they didn't really learn mathematics in the ordinary school! RICHARD FEYNMAN said: "Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts!"), Manescu is very sure, that absolut latest to the end of the 21th century, no kind of religion will be more existed in the world, excepting ...THE MUSIC!:

(The "born for winning", adorable and magnificent, Irish School Choir, with the very famous "ADIEMUS"):

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar in Jerusalem, 36.000, people):



The show

"THE SHOW", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography, Stuttgart, Germany






KRISIA TODOROVA and the famous Ku-Ku Band Concert, Sofia, Bulgaria:

MARINA KAYE  ("Olympia" de Paris) :

And here an old dream is already a reality! On the 10th Dec. 2015, we did put further steps on "God" secret way! The first Plasma Experiment is successfully completed!:'

Plasma- reactor

"The Nuclear Fusion Reactor - WENDELSTEIN 7-X", Germany

Second Matter of Dan Pero Manescu's Philosophy

The second matter of Manescu's philosophy could be:

"One ARTIST painted Age by Age the COLOURS which One Day will MERGE".

We think that of course you already know who or what this ARTIST is, but what do you know about the COLOURS?

The idea that these Colours one Day will merge could be a little bit confuse, or could make us a little bit sad, and just only a little bit hopeless?

Everything can be only a matter of perception of the whole Univers, because everything can be seen only with the help of the colours.

The Sight is the first Sense of the Beings (with some exceptions as the mole or the termites), while the other senses are only secondary "life-tools". Just black and white are colours, for beings as the dog or the bull the universal colours are only a perception of some colours as the black and the white, some green, red and blue, with grey nuances:

Remembers Locks

"COLOURS of LOVE", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography, The Old Bridge over Neckar, Heidelberg, Germany

In this way the ARTIST (D=bp5) did create the Matter in Colours. That means that as long as the Colours exist the Univers exists, and at the moment when the Colours will merge the Univers shall be collapsed. Because this process is a repetition without a final, the ARTIST will paint endless his Colours, which to the Infinity will merge as a perpetual Reload-Process of Energy-Matter:

Also, in this chapter the author will try to explain the very strange phenomenon observed and captured on pictures in the last 100 years:

Third Matter of Dan Pero Manescu's Philosophy>

The third matter of Dan Pero Manescu's Philosophy is already a reflection regarding the human existence and development:

"The MEN let Traces on the Way, but CHILDREN never stop to PLAY".

1. Let's develop a little bit more the meaning of this matter. First of all, we have to return to the Hindu and Chinese philosophy, trying to draw some aspects of these old teachings as a paralel with the essence of Manescu's third matter.

Reading the old Myth about the hindu God Shiva and his Cosmic Game (Lila) we find very impressive the high intuition of the ancient authors regarding the process of the Creation.

During his own Lila (The Cosmic Game) the God Shiva did play the Game of Dice with his wife, the Goddess Parvati. During their own Game, the God Shiva started a process of fragmenting and recomposing of him-self until the whole Univers (Cosmos) has been constructed.

In the world of the elementary particles we are learning about the same process (quatum-physics), the particles (p) charged with energy are runing to collide with other particles, and the reactions (blow) of the collisions build the Matter: The Matter it-self is farther desintegrating to particles, and the particles to energy, and this continual process is "GOD" (Deus, the Artist), and in the same time it is the Build of the Cosmos, with everthing what in this Cosmos exists : "D=bp5"

Shiva did play the Game of Dice with his wife during the process of the Creation. Again we have here a great enlightenment of the old author's intuition regarding the elements of the Creation. The God Shiva is a man (positive +), his wife the Goddess Parvati is a woman (negative-). The elementary particles are charged positive (+ as the proton) and negative (- as the electron). We also have neutral charged particles as the neutron, but this kind of particles prove in its core (the neutron's structure is an "alloy" of Quarks) the attributes of the manifestations of the "normal" particles, negative and positive charged.

In the same time the Game of Dice is an "aleatory" (Latin: Alea = Dice) game, that means we never know when we get a "6x6" on the board. Everything is a "matter of probability", as in the world of the particles. The particles are "probability patterns", that means that there is a probability or more as an electron will run to collide with a myon (muon), but we shall never know when this will be happend. This "Probabilty Game" is the "Essence" of the whole Creation, with all Creation's structures and forms.

We learn about the same "intuition" of the old authors of the writings concerning the Creation, reading several works about the ancient Chinese philosophy. The book of I GING (i ching), known as "The Book of Changes", is the Principle of the workings of the Universe, the TAO. The Univers is run by a single Principle, the Tao (The Great Ultimative). TAO is devided in Yin (negative) and Yang (positive), and both (Yin and Yang) are in continual collision each-other. We have here practically, the same "Game" of the elementary particles, negative and positive charged, and for ever in a probabilty collision: "D=bp5".

The outcome of all these collisions is the Matter's build with its several structures, until the superior organized Matter, just "The Life", with its several forms, until the forms of the Beings and the "Human Being".

"TRACES of AGES" a Dan Pero Manescu analog Nikon photography, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain

2. We are able now to explain a little bit better the essence of the third Matter of Dan Pero Manescu: "The Men let Traces on the Way, but Children never stop to Play".

We agree with the vechicle-particles, which are transporting energy on its way to the collision, but in the same time with the vechicle-particles which are transporting "INFORMATION" about the pre-structure of each particle, and Information about "The GAME" of all these particles, as the reflection of the particles' manifestations before and after the collisions, all the very particles continually involved in the pocess of the creation, with the whole elements which belong to this "GAME OF CREATION". This Information is transported farther to the whole forms of the Outcomes of the "Game", as the Matter with its several structures, and to the Matter as Life and any form of the Life, from micro-organismes to Beings and to the Human Beings, one of the highest forms of the Existence (there are others high forms of life too:

We are now a step farther in the world of the Information, the very Information transported from the elementary particles to the atoms, from atoms to molecules, from molecules to the molecular connections, from the molecular connections to the nets of the matter, to the diferent forms of the matter, as the Life and to the Genetic Code of the Life, and to the Genetic Code of the Human Being, one of the most complicated structures of this "Life".

In the Genetic Code the Information is translated into the Proteins (DNA), and these Proteins rule the activity of the Man (Human Being). We notice the most important Manifestation of the Information translated into the Proteins as the Cosmic Game, the Lila, the Great Game.

The Human Being is going to use the manifestations of the Great Game (Lila) as a kind of multiplications: The Game of Love, the Game of Sex, the Game of War, the Game of Rules, the Game of Dice, the Game of the Games, etc., where again the "Aleatory" plays the main role, because we shall never know who will be the winners of all these Games, what kind of final Outcome will be produced, and special when this will be happened.

We agree that the "purest" form of the Human Being is the "Child". Into the Child is transported farther the whole Information of the Genetic Code of the Human Being, and of course "The Game". As the purest (Free of extraneous elements except the first Information) kind of Man, the Child (the Children) is involved in any kind of Game completely absorbed by the Game, as a Self-Reconigtion in the "PARTICULA MIRROR", without the immediate goal of a final outcome, and particular without the sense of the time, just as the particles in its continual race to the colissions (The Blow). We have to mention here the famous Matter of the ancient Greek Philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (535-475 BCE): "The Eternity (greek: Aion, Eon) is just a Child involved in a Game as a Child, the Great Rule belongs to a Child".

Just Kids

"Just Kids", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography, Heidelberg, Germany, 2014

The Men (Human Beings) in their own Race of an "aleatory" development let traces on the way, traces of several complete things (objects, art, culture, etc.), or traces of several destroyed things (by War, by Changes etc), everything again as a manifestation of the Yin and Yang (negative & positive). The Children in their own stream of the life, just never take a real notice, a real contact with all the things made by the Man, the Children are taking only an "aleatory" contact with all these Things.

The Children are playing games (The Great Game), anywhere and anytime, in any kind of conditions, as the self-recognition of the absolut Heritage of the PARTICULA, the "Creation Game", and just as the Heritage of the BLOW:,1020,1415500,00.jpg

In conclusion, the third Matter of Dan Pero Manescu "The Men let Traces on the Way, but Children never stop to Play", could be considered as a Symbol of the continual Process of the most precious Outcome of the "PARTICULA GAME", here on our splendid Terra, and everywhere in the COSMOS, for ever and a day, just THE LIFE, and because we agree to notice everything as a repetition of anything, we have to go back to: "IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE BLOW, AND THE BLOW WAS PARTICULA, AND PARTICULA IS JUST THE BLOW..."

PS. Dan Pero Manescu's book "The Blow" is still in working. We shall be very happy to inform you when this book will see the light of the windows of the bookshops, but for such a book (around 600 pages) still many seasons of strain will flow on the bed of the time.


The author is loving the "LEGO" (an amazing, intelligent product), and as "Lego" different outcomes, the author will explain you about the outcomes of the chapters of this book.

Maybe the readers are asking why this book will get around 600 pages? The three parts of this book will be divided into different chapters. These chapters will keep a very large number of information. One of these chapter gets the title "BLOW-CANCER". In the chapter "Blow-Cancer" we learn about the parallel between the cancer-cells of the human organism and the cancer-cells of the world society organism. The cancer-cells of the human organism are paradoxically cells with tendency to immortality, and for this reason, the cancer-cells are devouring the cells of latent state of the human organism (of different vital organs), "helping" on this way to the descent of the number of the latent cells of different vital organs on zero level, entailing finally the human organism's death. Of course, without "food" the cancer-cells are dying too, and the immortality striving of the cancer-cells is getting to ashes...


"BONJOUR TRISTESSE", a Dan Pero Manescu analog conceptual photography

Now, as a parallel, we can translate a line of elements of our world society as "cancer-cells" with the same tendency to "immortality", cells in growing process. The author thinks about a couple of elements as "cancer-cells" of our world society organism: 'The STOCK - EXCHANGE (Black Monday, 24 August 2015! The Stock-Exchange has to disappear as soon as possible, better tomorrow!), any kind of tax, the tax has to disappear, and cash has to be printed, as much as necessary, everywhere in the world, as in the Roman Imperium in its golden times, but now, with very special laws against the inflation and the exploitation of the people!  Any other kind of economical experiments in the future, it is, and will be, only "Dust in the Wind":, and the most important thing, it's the fact, that we have to introduce "The UNIVERSAL DIVIDEND" on the whole planet, for all the people of our world! Of course, for to reach this goal, the most of the Companies of our world have to belong to the States, especially the big companies, and only smaller companies may be private companies.  Other cancer-cells" are: the Private Equity-Companies, Hedgefonds, aggressive Investments-Companies (aggressive Investment Companies could be very soon with a  foot in the grave), some of the Private Banks, lobby-politicians and incompetent politicians, unfortunately 90% of all the world politicians today, especially many of the male politicians of Europe are a true catastrophe of our days, and anyway, the future of Europe will be only one: The UNITED STATES of EUROPE with the capital PARIS, "la Ville de l'Amour" (Winston Churchill said: "We must build a kind of United States of Europe!"),  and any other kind of future "scripts", are just, only "Dust in the Wind" (to make a joke, Dan Pero Manescu is the owner of the MERLIN ORACLE GLASS...), also, politicians with tendency to autocracy (( ) and Family-Clan politicians ( in the future any kind of politicians are absolute unnecessary, but until such an era, an era without politicians, any kind of politician, has to start very young the political activity, and to stop it, latest, at the age of 50!), paradoxically the Economic Growth, specially the uncontrolled Economic Growth, any kind of theology, the exponents of institutionalize religions fighting for people conversion, "secret" organizations and different sects hunting "chimeras", 90% of the video-games, the Hard-Rock ( and the very vulgar rape-music, the music industry sponsoring and producing mediocrity  (very strange it's the fact, that generally, many people, are just crazy about singers with a very banal voice, until to a very bad voice, sometimes the voice sounds as the "voice" of a cat pulled by the tail, as the voice of Taylor Swift, Sia, Indila, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Amy Lee, Katherine Jenkins, Louane Emera, Sanna Nielsen, Lana del Rey and just Adele, etc., but all these voices, are very helped by the electronic effects, in concerts or of video productions, sometimes until to a very sickly huge noise, "much noise for nothing", but very bad for the ears, and especially for the brain! These singers have the luck, that sometimes, a very good composer offers them a very good song, my opinion for Sia for exemple, it is to remain only a composer, as a composer, Sia is a very good one.)  Further, in the same direction of "bad things", we can talk about any kind of heavy metal bands, because from the "musical and stage performances structure" of these kind of bands, blows a very high coefficient of violence! As a "Contrapunctus", the author loves the great music of QUEEN, ERA, ENIGMA, BARBRA STREISAND, and  DIANA KRALL:, the amazing voices of Sarah Brightman:, VANESSA G. (LADYVA) with the best "Skyfall" ever:, JACKIE EVANCHO:,, DANIELLA MASS:, CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR:, ALIKI CHRYSOCHOU: and the new French revelation  MARINA KAYE:1.("HOMELESS":) 2. ("Chez Dave"):,  the great tones of  'WILLIAM  GOLDSTEIN:, and "ESCALA":, and dance, dance and dance again:,1. , 2., 3. Further "cancer-cells" are: any kind of bullying (1., 2., McDonalds and any kind of sugar and salt, 90% of any kind of cooked food, Coca and Pepsi-Cola, 80% of any kind of food-industry products, parts of the pharma-industry and the tobacco-industry, high-heel shoes and any kind of drugs (but we'll introduce a very large compendium for explaining why the humans are using drugs, and what kind of social and economic measure could change in the future this world "cancer cell", and paradoxically the drogs have to be for free!) , the Topmodel Casting Shows, and the fashion world, because of the promoting of many pseudo values, 60% of all doctors, also, art critics, art trustees, art galleries, art curators and art clients, supporting the paranoiac artists, the pseudo-artists, and the "soi-disant" térribilist and criticism artist, and this is leading to a very strange phenomenon of today regarding the art, everything what's ugly, hideous, morbidly, insane, get success,, and this is the sign of a very ill art society, maybe with a chance to get healthy sometime in the future,  but  still, practically, 90% of the world art of today is suffering from this kind of disease (but the author loves the very brilliant artists as Antonio Saura, Ariel Moscovici : , Pieter Sohl, Darryn Eggleton, Sylvester Stallone {actor and painter!}, Silvia Barbescu, Eva Slavíková and Banksy, the great photographers as Mihaela Noroc, Sascha Erni and Maria Paz Alfaro , the super designer Jasper Morrison:, the amazing Sand Art artist Kseniya Simonova:,, and why not, all the comics artists of "Donald Duck", "Micky Maus" and "Asterix"), farther cancer cells are: the people with high tendency to superstitions, people with high tendency to "Nationalism", the greedy energy-companies, but paradoxically the "green-peace" too (the nuclear energy is still one of the cleanest world energy despite the "accidents", and for the future we'll get the fusion nuclear energy!), industry companies exploiting woods, 80% of the world movie productions,("Game of Thrones" for example, it is a nightmare, the producers try to manipulate the viewers, but the people who do like this show, need desperately to consult a psychiatrist. Unfortunately the number of people of our world needing psychiatric treatment, it is not very low in our days, but also, the Cannes Film Festival 2016, was only an intellectual and political onanism event), people who are just stealing the very great ideas of other people, and sale these ideas as their own, especially in the film world, and also, the critics who get money or other advantages for "ejaculating" a very favorable critical point of view, despite the reality (but you have to see these great films: ), also, 80% of the world TV Shows are very poor in spirit and intelligence shows (but the author loves the brilliant comedy shows of CAROLINE KEBEKUS in Germany and the wonderful TV Shows "THE ELLEN SHOW", and "The KELLY FILE" in USA ), further, again paradoxically, a great number of world traditions, any kind of racism,
Waiting for the plaits-1

"Waiting for the plaits" a Dan Pero Manescu documentary photography, Rambla de Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain

kind of piracy, the pedophilia (the author is asking for very hard punishment for pedophilia acts) , sickly literature as "Fifty Shades of Gray" (the author is greeting the perfect German critic of Wolfgang M. Schmitt. jun. on, concerning the 124 minutes movie with the same title), any kind of intellectual masturbation on the fields of the culture (the author loves the very brilliant writers as Mitchell Wilson, with his great novel "Live With Lightning" :, William Faulkner, Taylor Caldwell, Gary Jennings, Susan Howatch, Frank Herbert with his "DUNE" and Stanislaw Lem with "SOLARIS"' , both, the best science-fiction novels of all time, Ursula K. Le Guin, Marguerite Duras, Caleb Carr, Danielle Steel because of her novels "Wings" and "Wanderlust", John Irving, Vintilă Corbul, David Rothkopf, Ken Follett because of his novel "A Dangerous Fortune", Marina Fiorato, because of her wonderful historical novel "The Madonna of the Almonds", John Grisham, but Grisham specially with his book "A PAINTED HOUSE", the perfect book for the Nobel Prize, and Elmer Mendoza, E.W.Heine, Michel Houellebecq, Richard Adams with his very masterpiece "WATERSHIP DOWN", Scott McBain, and last but not least, Tom McNab with his amazing novel "Flanagan's Run", and also the very brilliant movie makers as John Boorman, Jean-Jaques Annaud, Stanley Kramer, Yimou Zhang, David Lynch and Brad Bird). Further cancer cells of our world are: any kind of harmful polluting industry conducting to ecocide, the continual military growth (paradoxically, the author loves some of the weapons of this world, his favorite guns are the "Browning BAR III", and the "Accuracy INTERNATIONAL L11-5A3", his favorite crossbow is the "Barnett Ghost 410":, and his favorite Grenade Launcher is the "XM25")
BAR -3




, the "soi-disant" superclass and its uncontrolled accumulation of very high fortunes, specially the accumulation of a large number of companies by one owner or a family only, but paradoxically the labor unions too, the new colonialism (political, industrial, etc., without the ground of a strong social for the working class'),    the social platform "Facebook"  (because of the "Facebook" a lot of humans will get to a very state of seclusion and loneliness: 'the MP players with headset (around 70% of all the young people of today will get more or less deaf in the future, leading to a super business for the hearing aids manufacturers and a lot of problems in the society), the iPHONE, because you can be knocked down by a car on your way, as you are blindly walking, some sports as Football, the "brainless" Boxing:, Formula 1, any kind of car racing (, and any kind of flight show: (the author is a Yoga-Master, but he also loves the Basketball and the Handball, and the martial arts, especially the Wu-Dang style), and last but not least, all the associations, all the political parties, and all the men of the world, who are still deeply sinking in the error of belief, that a man is more important as a woman! The author sends "un Grand Salut" to Loretta Lynch, Ursula von der Leyen, Manuela Carmena, Ada Colau, Leyla Imret, Henriette Reker, Frauke Petry, Aung San Suu Kyi, Anne Hidalgo, Park Geun-hye, Nicola Sturgeon, and the very young SHAMMA al-MASRUI, and MEGYN KELLYELLEN DeGENERES, and Oprah Winfrey for their great own work. The Author wants for THE NEW PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN, Lady TSAI ING-Wen, the absolute best in the world! We need a very strong Taiwan for keeping the balance in this region.

And finally, the First Cancer Cell of our human society, it is just The Greed of Man, this human, who does forget, that... to Beyond, he takes just nothing with him, absolutely nothing!!


Well...This was a general picture about the parallel between the world cancer- cells and the cancer-cells of the human organism, and again don't forget the most important thing: without "food" the cancer-cells are dying too, and the immortality striving of the cancer-cells is getting to ashes:

Everything seems to be a little bit Baroque, no? Don't worry, Dan Pero Manescu with his very high knowledge in the field of the culture, science, economy and policy (very unusually for an artist!) will try to design the picture of a new world, also with the help of the quantum-physics, a world with a high tendency to "EQUILIBRIUM", but never forget that in the world (in the Universe) the perfection doesn't exist, and it will be never possible to find such an outcome, the perfect world outcome.

010 7A

"We are all Mannequins!", a Dan Pero Manescu conceptual photography

Other chapter of this book will get the title "BLOW-HERO".

In this chapter we learn that 95% of all the "Heroes" of the History, that means Emperors, Kings,(some of the Queens), Princes, (some of the Bishops and Cardinals) and "soit disant" great Statesmen, never have been "great", but just a kind of criminals, by necessity or not, many of them deeply suffering from the disease of Paranoia, entailing the misery and the death of a very large number of human beings. The author with his very high knowledge of History (the author is working with 8 languages, and he loves the brilliant writers of perfect researched historical novels, as Cornelia Wusowski, Wolfram zu Mondfeld, Judith Merkle Riley, Rebecca Gablé, Hella Hasse, Angeline Bauer, Michael Grant, Claire Tomaline, Wolf Serno, Tanja Kinkel, Gisbert Haefs, Benjamin Woolley, Max Gallo, Isabel Allende and Pauline Gedge), will analyse the facts, the history "décor", the family "décor" of the "heroes", the times patterns, and the psychical structure of the "heroes", proposing to write the history of new, with a real picture of the world, without hideaways and fear. Also, in this chapter, regarding the idea to write the history of new, the author will analyze other different important facts, as for example that William Shakespeare and Edward de Vere did write the famous theatre plays only together, and the author will explain you why, or the fact that Nefertiti never was the Great Queen, but only the third wife of Akhenaten (Echnaton), the very favorite wife, because of a great love, and you will read the whole truth about this relationship in the amazing city of Akhet-aton (today Amarna) , and the God ATEN (ATON). Of course the reader will be free to believe or not what Dan Pero Manescu will write about. Don't worry be happy!

Also, to the end of this chapter the author will explain you why today, in our 21th century, any kind of Monarchy is absolute unnecessary, and the best System of Governement of today we can find it in Switzerland, but paradoxically could it be, that new monarchies will see in the future "the light of the day" because the ancenstral picture of  "The Return of the King (or Queen)", is very deeply implanted in the genetic code of the human being, and could still remain for long time, despite the genetic evolution. What about a child King or a child Queen? That's not something very new!

Other chapters as "BLOW-AZTEC" are chapters of entertainment, and the reader will be free to believe or not what the author is telling. In the chapter "BLOW-AZTEC" the author with his high knowledge of the pre columbian civilizations and the language of NAHUATL (again unusually for an artist, but Dan Pero Manescu is a kind of "Uey Tlatoany") will explain you why he believes that the famous City of TEO-TI-HUA-CAN ("The place where the Gods did land" and not "were born"!) was been constructed by extraterrestrials..., Also, in this chapter the author will explain why it's very important the terraforming and the colonizing of the planet MARS (the Christianity did push our civilization around 500 years back, but, El PAPA FRANCESCO, es el mejor PAPA de todos los tiempos, his "AMORIS LAETITIA", it's just a book for the New Age !), as soon as possible, better tomorrow (Stephen Hawkings did enounce the same opinion) Dan Pero Manescu has not his own children, but a very large family, everywhere in the world, with a lot of very special nieces and nephews, and he thinks very deeply about their future, as he's thinking about the future

PION-IT, a Dan Pero Manescu "Quantum Art" painting, acrylics & wax oil on Elephant Paper (China), 50 x 70 cm

of any human being too...but we never have to forget that we have still a strong chapter:


A very important chapter will be the chapter "BEE-BLOW".


"just Bee"

Because the author gets very worried regarding the Bee Colony in the World, this chapter will be a very complex Compendium about the Honey Bee Colony in our World!

As a conclusion, we also have to inform, that this book will reserve for the Readers a lot of other great surprises..and in this way... let's waiting for "THE BLOW"...and for a better new world!


"My Heart..."


PS: Dan Pero Manescu loves some of the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche, especially his famous phrase, "Without music, life would be a mistake!", and for this reason, coming back to the music, (never forget, Dan Pero Manescu has an "absolute ear", proved by electronically checking systems) the author especially loves the amazing voice of DANIELLA MASS: 1. 2. 3., and JACKIE EVANCHO: 1., 2., 3., the wonderful tones of ISAAC WADDINGTON:, and ROSA CEDRÓN: 1. the great piano performance of LADYVA alias VANESSA G (, but, with a wonderful voice too: ("SOMETHING")

Ship of music

"SHIP of MUSIC", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography, Neckar river, Germany

The incredible voice of ALIKI CHRYSOCHOU:





The extraordinary voice modulations and the energy of the adorable CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR:






6: The best "YOUR SONG" ever:

The great music of the new French phenomenon MARINA KAYE: 1. 2., (STAY), (Robinson), the great tones, voice and piano, of TEREZA TODOROVA (a very good friend of KRISIA TODOROVA):, with an amazing "HELLO":, and "CAMINO":

The wonder child, and absolute "WORLD PRINCESS", KRISIA TODOROVA : (PLANET OF THE CHILDREN /JESC-2014) (PLANET OF THE CHILDREN, Official-clip) :, who is blowing your mind: 1. 2. reaching now, step by step, to a new kind of art music perfomance: 1., 2., (VIVO PER LEI):, (UNDO):, (ETERNAL FLAMES):, (WHO LOVES YOU):, and with undeniable skills to become one day an amazing great actress too: 1. Also, the author loves the voice and the personality of SAMI (LEE) BROOKES, especially, because finally, we have to chase away all our prejudices, for ever and a day!: 1., and for the same reason, the very shy, but awesome, KATHLEEN JENKINS: Sometimes we have to laugh, because that's very important for the health, and we are laughing now with the very talented CRAIG BALL, an amazing Impressionist Singer:, and with ANNE KLINGE, incredible puppetry: the talent competitions, these kind of competitions offer a great chance for the real talents to start a new life, but the system with only one main prize, it is a very wrong system, these competitions have to offer 4 equal prizes, one of the singers, one of the dancers, one for the choirs, and one for the artists, because all of these 4 domains are very different, but on 24 May 2016, Dan Pero Manescu says: " These talent competitions, just did start to bore me, because of the many final wrong judgements!"


The Smile1

"JUST SMILE", a Dan Pero Manescu analog conceptual photography

Let's come back again to "The Men let Traces on the Way, but Children never stop to Play", because the last compendium of this book, could seem to be a little bit crazy, but first of all, the whole evolution of our world is running with the law of the geometrical progression, including the genetic evolution too (2x2= 4, 4x4= 16,16x16= 256, 256x256= 65.536, etc.), and second, Dan Pero Manescu is one of the best observers of our world development. De facto, concerning the future, the author could be 90% right sure, that until the end of our century (21th Century), the most domains of activity on the earth, as economy, culture, art, science, politics, etc., will get the greatest dominance of a new social structure, consisted of… children and teenagers! All the very negative world collisions, that we are living today, are only the reactions of the last convulsions of some, still, more or less, powerful old people, on their own way... to BEYOND! Amazing no? Don’t worry, be happy! ALLONS ENFANTS…!: 1.

10 years old genius girl, innovator of the "Superhero hand", a very special tool for handicapped people:, and 5 years old genius girl, Macey Hensley ("presidents specialist"), a very genetic wonder :, and the adorable BRIELLE, 3-year-old Periodic Table Expert, and one year later (genetic, or something more?): 1. 2.

14 years old entrepreneur:

KRISIA TODOROVA: "PLANET OF THE CHILDREN" (Song writers: Krisia Todorova, Ivailo Valchev / Song composers: Krisia Todorova, Slavi Trifonov, Evgueny Dimitrov):

Interview with Jackie Evancho:, Interview with Marina Kaye: 1., 2., Interview with Carly Rose Sonenclar (2012/ 13 years old):

The wonderful ANGELINA JORDAN : 1., 2.

KRISIA TODOROVA (she's going to be a legend!) as she was 9 years old: (Here did start everything, over 32 Millions Views of this Youtube, Krisia first performance in the front of the Bulgarian music Mogul and famous TV Show Master, Slavi Trifonov, and another 3 musicians of the famous Bulgarian music band, Ku-Ku Band):, also, singing "SIMPLY THE BEST":, and "Ain't No Sunshine": and 2 years later, 11 years old : (I Knew You Were Trouble):, and (SHAPE OF MY HEART): Interview with 11 years old, KRISIA TODOROVA, of Bulgarian language, for the readers with some knowledge of this language, the maturity of KRISIA is blowing your mind:, and hearing now, KRISIA's new performance, at Slavi Show, with her new tone modulations of the voice, and the amazing kind of interpretation of the song, you already can see, one of the greatest performer of the world: (RECOVERY) FAB CHART MUSIC AWARDS in London, did nominate KRISIA TODOROVA for the "Best Female Artist", 2016:, but she didn't win, because, a very large public did vote, and unfortunately, a lot of people have not the "best" musical ear (, all the videos of Krisia at SLAVI SHOW:

3. ERZA, the French wonder child:  1.

4. The adorable RION PAIGE:  with "SKYSCRAPER":, and "MY STORY":

5. Super cute "GOLDEN DRAGON" Kid: 1.

6. Henry Gallagher with his lovely original song:

7. The adorable OLIVIA and the poem:

8. The extraordinary IGNATOV Brothers (piano):

9. TEREZA TODOROVA (great piano performance):1. 2., (maybe one of the best young pianist in the world /11 years old):

10. The brilliant BEAU DERMOTT:

Wonderful kids, with already very mature character structure!:

The Blow!

"JUST BLOW", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography, Heidelberg, Germany





5. Absolutely amazing dance show with D'ANGELO & AMANDA:


7. The wonderful "New Young Romanian Generation": ANDREEA BRAGA with "Hello":, ALEXANDRA COJOCARIU with "Hurt":, ISABELA PAMPARAU with "Chandelier":, the adorable RARES MARIS with "Halo":,  AMBRA LUCA with "Wrecking Ball":, OANA CENUSE with "Adagio":, the adorable show of DIANDRA BANCU with "Up in the Air":, but the list of the new young Romanian talents, it's pretty long.

Also, you can see an incredible number of Wonder Children, if you are watching the famous TV ELLEN SHOW:

And after looking and hearing all these great videos, let's go back to the famous Matter of the ancient Greek Philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (535-475 BCE): "THE ETERNITY IS JUST A CHILD, INVOLVED IN A GAME AS A CHILD, THE GREAT RULE BELONGS TO A CHILD!"

KIDS UNITED pour l'UNICEF : "Imagine" (Lyrics en français):, et "On écrit sur les murs" 1. :,2. 2. :


And the last phrase of this article, it is just a kind of reply: "MAKE MUSIC, NOT WAR!"

"And one day, we'll be all together!":

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