"PRINT-MAKER" (In Memoriam Patrick Ludwig Nissler)

"PRINT - MAKER" is the ultimate Spy Film.

Director & Producer:  Dan Pero Manescu

Writers:  Brigitte Nubret, Dan Pero Manescu, Patrick Ludwig Nissler

In the very Main Roles of this Film, we have just 5 Talents: ROSA MARIA PAZ (double role), PHILIPPE CAROIT, MIHAI ARSENE, JOAN PASCU and ALLEN WATTS, and in the very special Supporting Roles, we have just other 3 Talents: SILVIA BUSUIOC, JEFF STEWART and BRITTA DUMKE.

In this production, we have another 15 supporting roles, the most of them are very character parts, a huge number of extras, and a great number of real special military forces.

"Print -Maker" will be a Black and White movie, of 68 mm. Step by step, will introduce in this article information about the work and trivia, regarding this film, during the periods of the pre-production, production and post-production.



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