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"RED-IT-MUON-RA", a Dan Pero Manescu "Quantum-Art" painting, Acrylic & Wax Oil on Canvas

MOTTO 1: I am always "Sur Ma Route" (On My Way), with ERZA MUQOLI and GABRIEL GROS ("Kids United"):, with "A SONG for YOU" (Jan. 2018 - the incredible KRISIA TODOROVA):, and "LET'S DANCE FOR EVER": 1. "TIMBER": "Little Apple": a., b. c. (with English translation):, 2. "I'm doing on my Own!" (MARINA KAYE: "On My OWN"):, 3. "Meet Me On The Battlefield" (RWBY AMV):, 4. "We Are Not Toys" (the adorable ALISA KOZHIKINA with "I am not a Toy" of Russian language with English subtitles):, and 5. "Think of Me" (ALIKI CHRYSOCHOU, the best Soprano voice in the world):

"The virtual world is wonderful, but do never forget the real World !" (Love Me Like You Do): , also, "Don't be afraid of the Big Change, It's coming soon!":, and we'll find finally the "Euphoria" for a new life, with LOREEN's "EUPHORIA", one of the best Songs ever:, and all of us, we'll be "Simply the Best" (the amazing KRISIA TODOROVA, as she was 9 years old):, and further, let's see the World in the Mirror, with the best Anime Series ever, the amazing "RWBY" (, the perfect Mirror of our World of today, "RWBY" is the wonderful creation of MONTY OUM ( First, we introduce you the trailers with the 4 adorable female main characters: (Weiss Schnee's Myrtenaster:, the "voices" of the 4 female characters, the adorable 4 actresses: 1., 2., 3., also, a wonderful "RWBY AMV":, and here, we just do starting with the series, 4 Volumes, Volume 1 with 16 Chapters, and Volumes 2, 3 and 4, each with 12 Chapters: (Volume 5 up 14 Oct. 2017: 1. "Weiss" Trailer:, "Blake" Trailer:,3. "Yang" Trailer: Interview with the main Actresses about Volume 5:, and Volume 5/ Chapter 1 to 14.:

Before we start with the Vitae of Dan Pero Manescu of this Wiki, for every of you, we have a..."FRENCH KISS": and we are still going on with the music, because of Friedrich Nietzsche famous phrase, "Without music, life would be a mistake!", and now, let's see and hear, ALIKI CHRYSOCHOU, one of the best Soprana voice of our World, and one of the most beautiful women of the World, with "Bring me to Life":, and "She Wolf":, JACKIE EVANCHO, with her golden voice:, the amazing DANIELLA MASS:, KRISIA TODOROVA (12 years old, the best Child Singer and Artist of the World),  with the best "I HAVE NOTHING" ever: , with a mesmerizing "Beautiful Mess" (13 years old):, and Krisia Todorova, as she was 9 years old, singing "AIN'T NO SUNSHINE", in a magic videoclip (Lyrics):, the same Song (13 years old):

Alpha-Capricorni Dan

(In the same way, it's very recommended to read the page "FOREVER YOUNG" of this Wiki, and after the lecture, you can come back to this main page:

Further, we are just going on with 1. "ALL OF ME" and 2. "RECOVERY" (again the very famous KRISIA TODOROVA): 1., 2.,  "The Greatest" (the adorable DARIA STEFAN):"I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES" (wonderful Duet:  KRISIA TODOROVA and SLAVI TRIFONOV , Piano: the incredible brothers HASAN & IBRAHIM IGNATOV):, the very lovely original Song of ISOLDE FAIR:, and the wonderful original Song of KATIA CARBUNE from Romania, 10 years old, the youngest composer (full music) and music writer of the World, all her song texts of English language (Katia is a student of the Transylvania English College, in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania:, as a female Singer with a very special voice Timber, here to "Next Star" in Bucharest, Romania, Katia got the "Golden Star" with her original "My heart is breathing you": (the same, but just Studio recording):, and Katia just won the "Next Star" with other mesmerizing original:

"THE BLOW", Dan Pero Manescu ultimate book:

Dan Pero Manescu / Artists of Europe (Photographie):,

Dan Pero Manescu / writer ,director & producer:,_director_%26_producer

MOTTO 2: "MAKE MUSIC, NOT WAR, you are too beautiful to die for nothing:, do write in all the languages with The LATIN SCRIPT, and get to learn FRENCH, one of the most beautiful languages of the World !": first, the "fantastique" MARINA KAYE avec "VOLE":, one more time "VOLE" with CÉLINE DION, in Memoriam GRÉGORY LEMARCHAL:, "The Links of the Friendship" (French language, KIDS UNITED, "UNICEF"): 1., 2.(Lyrics):, GLORIA (Gloria PALERMO de BLASI), 11 years old (member of KIDS UNITED), and NÉMO (Nemo SCHIFFMAN) with "The Phantom of the Opera" (French version):, "À travers tes yeux" (French language), with the amazing young blind singer JANE CONSTANCE:, PATRICIA JANEČKOVÁ with "Les oiseaux dans la charmille":, and ZAZ avec "Je veux": Further, of course, in all the languages the Music has to "speak" to us: The greatest TRIBUTE to the WOMEN by SLAVI TRIFONOV (Bulgaria):, "SHAPE OF MY HEART" (again KRISIA TODOROVA):, CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR (the best "character voice" in the world) with "Take me Slow": 1., 2., ALIKI CHRYSOCHOU (don't forget, she is one of the best Soprana in the World) with "TRIBUTE" (Yanni):, "MAY IT BE": and "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall":, also, the amazing voice of LadyVA with "SOMETHING":, and the best "Boogie Woogie" ever, LadyVA is playing the piano:


QUANTUM ART IS HIS NEW CONCEPTUAL ART - PAINTING DIRECTION, as a PHOTOGRAPHER he's a kind of DEEP EYE, and THE CHEETAH is his beloved animal, but also any kind of cats and dogs, big, very big, or small.


1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6.

Dan Pero Manescu was born in Bucharest , Romania, to intellectual parents with German, English and Italian roots, who are mentioned by the Romanian Cutural Heritage CIMEC. His father Theodor Manescu, was a prominent dramatist:,

and his mother, Silvia Andreescu, is a very dramatist too, member of "Société Des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques", Paris / FRANCE:,,%20SILVIA,,


"BLUE-PION-IT", a Dan Pero Manescu "Quantum-Art" painting, Acrylic & Wax Oil on canvas, 90 x 120 cm, "Reiter" Art Collection, Alicante, Spain

Dan Pero Manescu's grandmother Elisabetha Gräfin Manescu, wrote the book "The Life and Work of Rabbi Dr.Moses Gaster", a reference book of the Jewish world (Moses Gaster was among the most active leaders of the Zionist movement in England, and he assisted in establishing the first Jewish colony in Palestine):

In the first two decades of his life, Dan Pero Manescu attained Fine Arts courses at the High School of Fine Arts "N.TONITZA", in Bucharest, Romania, and got his Baccalaureate Graduation Diploma with High Honour. In the next years he wrote a couple of very acclaimed Radio-Plays for youth, and has been involved with some collaborations in movie productions as a director assistant and actor:,

In the same time he attained 4 semester of physics of the patterns, and this quantic patterns (elementary particles) will be very important for his future work in the field of the Arts.


"VISHNU LOVES", a Dan Pero Manescu work of his surrealist period, 1989, China Ink on cardboard

The source

"THE SOURCE", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography, Heidelberg, Germany

From the year 1979 to 1983, Manescu attained Directing courses at the University of Theatre & Film "CARAGIALE", Faculty of Directing of Theatre, Film & TV Movie Productions, in Bucharest, Romania, and got his Director Graduation Diploma with the Highest Honour:  (Manescu Director Diploma Film on - Video)

From the year 1983 to 1989, Dan Pero Manescu worked as a Stage Director and Stage Designer in Romania. Several of his productions are mentioned by the Romanian Cultural Heritage CIMEC:,DAN

La Déesse du Crépuscule

"LA DÉESSE DU CRÉPUSCULE", a Dan Pero Manescu Film (poster by Dan Pero Manescu),DAN

Manescu's best stage production was "THE LOVERS OF TESALIA" (author George Peele), production of the year 1985, at "Theatre of the Youth" in Piatra Neamt ( German Stone), Romania:ĂNESCU,

In "The Lovers of Tesalia" the wellknown actress Tatiana Ionesi performed the main role of "Delia":

and the acclaimed composer Dorina Crisan Rusu (1953-2006) wrote the original music:


"MIN-PION-BES", a Dan Pero Manescu "New Quantum-Art" painting, Acrylic & Wax Oil on canvas, "Matthias Kühnel Art-Collection", Heidelberg, Germany

In the same period Manescu created a new direction of the surrealist painting, and in these artworks we can already notice the structures which announce his future concept art direction, the "QUANTUM ART".

The Way to Beyond

"THE WAY TO BEYOND", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography

The Sleep-88

"SLEEPING - OFF", a Dan Pero Manescu art work of his surrealist period, 1988, China Ink on cardboard, 100 x 70 cm, Christian Roman - Art Collection, Bucharest, Romania

1990, after his father's death, Manescu settled to Germany where was granted the German Citizenship. One year later, 1991, the artist founded the "QUANTUM ART", a new direction of the conceptual paintings, inspired from the physics of the patterns. The spectographies of the quantic particles (Proton, Neutron, Muon - Myon, Pion, etc.) are redimensioned to metaphisycal symbols:

From 1991 to 2002 Dan Pero Manescu is involved with over 30 Group and One Man Shows Exhibitions, in Germany, France and USA as Dan Manescu: Special articles could be seen in "Stuttgarter Zeitung"-1994, "D'ART"- 1996/97, and "WORLD OF ART"- 2000/01:

After a great world journey from 2002 to 2004, Manescu settled in the year of 2005 on the "Costa del Sol", Spain, going on with his "Quantum Art", but in the same time started a new period as a writer and producer. The artist participated in One Man Show Exhibitions at the Art Galleries "REITER", Alicante, "VICTOR's", Marbella, and "RU-H", Malaga. Newspapers and magazines as "Costa del Sol Nachrichten", "Finest -Marbella", "Sur in English" , and the "MATRIX" (2007), acclaimed the paintings of Manescu.

Since the year 2007 Manescu is also working a very impressive direction of the conceptual phtography, with the same "quantum" of the power of "seeing the extraordinary things in the normal world":

The light-X

"The Light", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography


"BLUE-RA-MUON", a Dan Pero Manescu "Quantum-Art" painting, Acrylic & Wax Oil on rolling canvas, 200 x 120 cm, owner INTERNATIONAL MEDIA CENTER, Bad-Cannstatt, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The Time Kiss

"TIME-KISS", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography with a ca. 500 years old teck wood piece of an old Spanish Caravella, (private antiquity collection), Marbella, Malaga, Spain

The Sleep of Beyond

"THE SLEEP", a Dan Pero Manescu analog conceptual photography, 2015


"THE THING", a Dan Pero Manescu "Quantum-Art" painting, Acrylic & Wax Oil on Elephant-paper, private collection, USA, .

Visiting for several times the SELWO, the greatest animals reserve of Europe, by Estepona, Malaga, Manescu decided that his beloved animal of our planet is the wonderful cheetah. The cheetah will be a main character in his movie script "The Game of the Cheetah". As a producer, ("DAN PERO MANESCU FILM"), Manescu written some original screenplays, and developed some movie projects, among a team of international associates. Three movie projects are announced: "THE GAME OF THE CHEETAH", a metaphysical mystery-thriller-drama of English and French language, "LA DÉESSE DU CRÉPUSCULE", a great mystery-satirical drama of French language, and "PRINT-MAKER", the ultimate, Black and White, Spy Film. The well known French Cinematographer Thierry Arbogast will be the director of photography, and the very famous composer William Goldstein will write the original score:,,_director_%26_producer,,,,

In his free time the artist is working to his philosophical book "THE BLOW":

Since the year 2008 the artist autographed again in his full name DAN PERO MANESCU (a couple of years in the past only Dan Manescu). This is a Dan (Pero) Manescu self-portrait as Prana-Yoga-Master

Regarding the name PERO, this is just an old Jewish Family Name (also as first name), specially in America (in the very old Aramaic "PERO" means "stone", any other kind of explanation it's a very wrong one!):

In the spring of the year 2016, Manescu, also, settled in France, (département des Pyrénées-Atlantiques). The readers who are fans of the wonderful France and the French language, will find an article about Dan Pero Manescu on French Wikipedia:,,

And now, let's go back again to Friedrich Nietzsche famous phrase, "Without music, life would be a mistake!", and for this reason, for the readers who are just living with music, this is further, the music what Dan Pero Manescu strongly loves, and never forget, Dan Pero Manescu has an "absolute ear", proved by electronically checking systems, and also, he got some very strong Musicology studies:

First of all, never forget the great old days with HERMAN's HERMITS:, and SCOTT McKENZIE:


William Goldstein: (FAME):

Barbra Streisand:

ZAZ : "Tous les cris les S.O.S. (Balavoine):


And step by step, let's go now to the new days: ALIZÉE with "Moi LOLITA":, ZAZ: "On ira":

LADYVA alias VANESSA G. with "Für Elise" (adorable & amazing!):, "On the Floor" (LAMBADA):, and on "The Late Late Show" stage:

TEREZA TODOROVA (the best friend of KRISIA TODOROVA) with an amazing "CAMINO":

KRISIA TODOROVA, one of the best Child singer and artist of the world, born on 01. Juin 2004, in Varna, Bulgaria, European Union (FAB CHART MUSIC AWARDS in London, did nominate the young KRISIA TODOROVA for the "Best Female Artist", 2016:, who is blowing your mind, with "ALL OF ME":, with "I Knew You Were Trouble":, with the wonderful "VISOKO" ("HIGH"), of Bulgarian language ( English translation):, and the fantastic "Song of Bulgaria" (17 June 2017, "Arena Armeec" Concert, 20.000 people, Slavi Trifonov and Ku-Ku Band), Krisia in duet with Evgeni Dimitrov (composer and leader of Ku-Ku Band), we are just hearing, the best voice in the world of a 13 years old female singer:


SLAVI TRIFONOV & KU-KU BAND (Bulgaria), a Tribute to the Women:, a little bit of funny magic with TITA (Bulgaria), "Voodoo Kukla":, and more fun with the Band "FABRICA" (Russia):

1. Stive Morgan:,


Dan Pero Manescu - self portrait / Dec. 2013

2. Diana Krall:,,


4. The fantastic ALIKI CHRYSOCHOU,  one of the best "soprano voice" in the world, with "WAKE ME UP":, "MAY IT BE":, "COME WHAT MAY":, "SHE WOLF":, "FALLING SLOWLY": and the best "LASCIA CH'IO PIANGA" ever:

5. The wonderful Jackie Evancho (U2):, (All of the Stars):, (Walking in the Air):, and "APOCALYPSE", her great original Song:

6. Marina Kaye (fabulous singer, writer and composer, the best voice of France) with the famous "Homeless":, "Freeze you out" (SIA) Studio:, "THIS IS THE TIME FOR US":, with Soprano / "Mon Everest": 1., 2.,  "VOLE" (Fly), the first Song of the French language:, "Only The Very Best" (Balavoine):, "ON MY OWN": 1., 2., and " SOMETHING":

7. Sarah Brightman (Scarborough Fair):

8. Rosa Cedrón:,, Paula Fernandes:, the adorable J.FLA, with her huge voice:, and the incredible AILEE:

9."THE FIGHTERS", the amazing CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR, with her original Song dedicated to the Israeli Soldiers:

10. CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR (the best "Character Voice" in the world) with her great original Song, "EVERYBODY's WATCHING", 2014:, ("Brand New Me", Alicia Keys, 2013):, great performance at X FACTOR (2012):, with the best "YOUR SONG" ever:, the best "HALLELUJAH" ever:, and the very original "TAKE ME SLOW":


Forever Young: DS-1963:

11. Laura Breatan:, and ANGELINA JORDAN:

12. DANIELLA MASS:, and ARILENA ARA with "I'm Sorry":

13. KIDS UNITED / "Les liens de l'amitié" (The Links of the Friendship):, and "Les Lacs du Connemara":

14. And again, the incredible KRISIA TODOROVA, with the vers famous "PLANET OF THE CHILDREN":

And this is DAN PERO MANESCU message for all the people in our world, KRISIA TODOROVA with "DISCOVER":'M with "IL FAUT VIVRE!" :, MIKE OLDFIELD with "NEVER TOO FAR":, and never forget to come back home (RWBY):

And the last phrase of this article, it's just a reply: "MAKE MUSIC, NOT WAR!":, and we are all "KIDS UNITED": The "KIDS UNITED" (France), in the last Grand Concert, Paris, 15.000 people: